The prime distinctive feature of XDC is its Leadership who believes delivery of INTOTO the LOGIC and TRANSPARENCY with highly SECURE environment the BLOCKCHAIN technology, Real time strategies, convenience at your finger tips.

Like every Blockchain Platform, XDC NETWORK too has the same level of Security and Governing Principles.Due to the complexity and decentralized nature of our XDC Network,


XDC maintains extreme latency in all stages of transactions. With selective Blockchain Ledger transparency, digital contracts, and irreversible transactions


In the blockchain environment, Beating the core banking is almost illogical. The transactions are codified in to smart contracts on the chain. The lifecycle of this shared business logic is an important governance activity for the XDC network.


All XDC Network transactions are public and transparent and the identity of the people behind transactions is private by default. All payments in the world can be fully interoperable


XDC Network is governed by Blockchain technology which is a secure mechanism to store and transfer any value. XDC Network creates a new paradigm of stronger and secure wealth and monetary integrity for all its customers.


XDC Network based on three simple technologies, They are: 1) Private & Public key cryptography, 2) Shared ledger in a distributed network & 3) Robust, Secured transactional record-keeping.


XDC Network brings you high performance, millisecond updates what is required, when is essential to note. All transactions occur directly between two parties on a frictionless P2P basis.


XDC network’s Smart contracts are Digital and Automated, Our Cryptographic code is more precise than any other traditional contracts. XDC network’s Smart contracts automatically execute transactions


Why Choose XDC Network ?

XDC is a community, a technology, backed by set of best minds, ideas and ideologies, and many more. Our block chain platform constitutes Open Network, Wallet client, Timeshare partnerships. We are one of pioneers this secure technology.

Our core principles are :

1. XDC community.

2. XDC is continually GROWING.

3. XDC is not a typical Crypto currency.

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1. XDC community

XDC believes in interests of our members are very important and all their needs are met. We create a cross culture industry best combinations and Capture their precious "MAGIC MOMENTS" and link to the brilliant community resources that exist out there. The very purpose of our core principle is to be a substitute for the expensive resources which are otherwise impossible for a normal member to acquire the ownership. We're keen to support and integrate with community to built resources, giving them more visibility and making them more discoverable.

2. XDC is continually GROWING

XDC is continually GROWING, So is the community too. XDC follows a robust architecture while building infrastructure for the community. We are open for all segments to use our services and invite all to be part of our community.

3. XDC is not a typical Crypto currency

XDC is a Secure Token, an asset based Monitory investment design protected by blockchain technology, worked-out by set of best minds, ideas and ideologies, and many more. Our secure platform constitutes of a well developed Community Network, Wallet clients, Timeshare partnerships, E – Vehicles and many more for GEN Y citizens. We are one of pioneers of this secure technology. We use well defined, structured Policies & design principles to guide our industry and business prepositions

Our Partners

Our main Strength is the VERSATILE PARTNERS who are fostering a healthy ecosystem in real-world businesses across many domains.

delhi crime national newspaper

Is A National Newspaper registered with RNI, Government Of India circulated across India purely on Subscription Base. The total Membership of 200,000 so far and still growing faster every day. The aim of the Newspaper is to identify grass root level Corruption across various platforms in India and bring the real causes to light

delhi crime NGO

Is a non government organization serving the society without caste, creed, or colour. Supporting the cause of the common man this organization is headquartered in new Delhi. fight against crime and corruption is the motto of the organization.

delhi journalism and investigation research institute

A JOURNALISM institute known for general masses to hone their reporting skills. DJIRI runs and owns the News Paper “Delhi Crime Wa Bhrashtachar Virodhi Morcha” a Direct Selling Business Model approved by Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Government of India .

etona electricals

A New Delhi based Industrial group engaged in manufacturing and trading of a wide range of electrical goods and appliances, established by Shri Kasturi Lal Sethiji who hails from a family of Business tycoons originally from Sialkot erstwhile part of Undivided INDIA in the year 1995. Etona group believes in innovation with local resources and the Present generation Sethijis further diversified the group to all allied electrical accessories across different sectors including but not limited to e-vehicles



XDC NETWORK’S Leadership communicates their strategic thinking & milestones on a high-level visual summary that maps out the vision and direction of our Secure offerings as well as our product executions over time.

2020 Q1


2020 Q2


2020 Q3


2020 Q4


2021 Q1


2021 Q2


2021 Q3

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2021 Q4


About Us

XDC is a Comprehensive Secure ecosystem designed and developed by group of block chain developers. The theme is “Decentralize the Currency". We offer highly valued products in XDC ecosystem, Majority of them are Open Network, wallet client, decentralized applications (DAPPs), Etc. These products are categorically related to each other, mutually these aspects are the stability of the entire ecosystem.

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Our vision

XDC 's mission is to be the best Secure token system for XDC's growing community We're one of the best PUBLIC SUPPORT ENTERPRISES, designed to help all users become familiar with Secure token system and its key concepts. We are aiming to

  • Create awareness on Secure token system.
  • Help new users get started with XDC to secure your FUTURE.
  • Acquire Timeshare partnerships.
  • Connecting blockchain technology by XDC token.
  • Increase the liquidity possibilities for the investors.
  • Showcase resources created by the community.
  • Bring Parent XDC merchandise to Exclusive XDC community.
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Team Players

The real potential of XDC Network is the Collaboration of highly structured Visionary LEADERSHIP who are CONSTANTLY aiming to CONTINUAL development of every single CUSTOMER.

team member

A third generation Engineer from a connoisseur family, & an Alumini of Delhi College of Engineering, New Delhi. A persona of self styled entrepreneur, Go getter mindset for any innovations. His passions include manufacturing to sports and network development. And likes to work in an ecosystem based on logic, integrity and team work.

team member

A Seasoned Professional in Corporate Governance, A Visionary, An Amazing Personality Who encapsulate A Universal Can-Do Spirit Of Action, Action Always. And A Hardcore IT Security Professional Guided By Highest Principles Of Sincerity And Esthetics Of A Simple Life. Driven By Service Maxims, Social Responsibility And Network Minded.

team member

An amazing data-driven inbound marketing Expert, and An accomplished sales leader, proven successful converter of new leads for the business, Likes to nurture new leaders relentlessly, Responsible for innovations, new opportunities across diffrent horizons.

Rajkumar Kashyup Advisor
team member

A Banking Technocrat by Profession. And mastered the art of Sales ranging from Domestic to Corporate Merchandize. Passionate to work in Very tough and rugged environments. Highly committed, Goal oriented & energetic personality. Supports the Organization in all IMPORT & EXPORT matters.

team member

A specialized educationist, multi-talented personality and most coveted MLM / FMCG / & IT professional. Two decades of very rich experience in Loans & Mortgage Portfolio. Passionate to work on Structured, Policy compliant & WAR FOOTING style ever.

team member

A Veteran Insurance Professional, an able administrator by career, and Proven MLM leader, Trainer and an effective Orator by passion. A very quick learner by temperament. Oversees the Insurances and Time share Portfolios of the Organisation.


Exchange & Markets


We have a community of 200K happy and satisfied people.

XDC Network Is Spread Across Different Geographies Multiplying On Real Time Score Of Several Top PRIORITIZED domains

Smart Contract based on TRC-20

   // 0.5.1-c8a2
   // Enable optimization
   pragma solidity ^0.5.0;

   import "./ERC20.sol";
   import "./ERC20Detailed.sol";

   /* @title  SimpleToken
      * @dev  Very simple ERC20 Token example, where all
      * tokens are pre-assigned to the creator.
      * Note they can later distribute these tokens as
      * they wish using `transfer` and other
      * `ERC20` functions.
   contract Token is ERC20, ERC20Detailed {
         * @dev  Constructor that gives msg.sender all of
         * existing tokens.
         constructor () public ERC20Detailed("XDC Network", "XDC", 8) {
            _mint(msg.sender, 1000000000 * (10 ** uint256(decimals())));


Media Partners

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